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      Jiangsu Linghang Zhihui City Service Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in the security management, environmental management, facility management, energy conservation management, asset management, canteen management, information service, consulting service and other property support services of comprehensive property services such as colleges and universities, large public areas, commercial squares, foreign-funded enterprises, office buildings, residential quarters, organs, hospitals, etc. The company has nearly 3000 employees and a service area of more than 3.8 million square meters.

      Since the establishment of the company, through market-oriented and professional operation, it has developed rapidly into a quite influential professional company in Wuxi in just five years. Focusing on the goal of becoming bigger and stronger, we seek for better development prospects, seize opportunities, make bold innovations, and actively explore. Through cooperation with major peers, we have introduced advanced management models with international management standards. After years of exploration and efforts, we have accumulated rich experience in real estate management and management consulting, and have a professional property service experience The team, using scientific and effective management system, constantly improve the company's management level, provide customers with high-quality services, break through the traditional property management mode, and constantly implement innovative services and value-added services in property management, so that the property value will continue to rise.

      The company has passed iso9000-2008 international quality system certification and gradually introduced ISO14000 environmental quality system to meet the needs of rapid development of property management industry in the new situation.

      Linghang Zhihui company has always paid attention to the establishment and improvement of corporate culture. Jiamei's enterprise spirit is "people-oriented, serving the society; advocating harmony, pursuing excellence." "Carry forward Jiamei spirit and be a beautiful beauty" has become Jiamei's slogan. The company has been committed to creating a strict management and relaxed working environment of the enterprise atmosphere, with centripetal force of enterprise cohesion and team spirit.

      We are hardworking, reputable and high-quality, but we are still tenacious. We are looking forward to working with you to make greater contribution to the social property service.


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